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【Kaspersky】 Antivirus - Kaspersky Mobile Security(KMS) 9~ For Andriod~!!

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【Kaspersky】 Antivirus KMS 9~ For Andriod~!!

Our KMS9 is using Activation Code! Not Key File!!

Kaspersky Mobile Security(KMS) 9 English Version ( 300 days and above, 1User 1SmartPhone )

Place Order Note: Please screenshot your payment details to

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【Kaspersky】 Antivirus KMS 9~ For Andriod~!!

Recently few of activation period might less than 300 days, No Worry, printscreen the activation period and email to us, we will refund according the activation period!!

Our KMS9 is using Activation Code! Not Key File!!

Kaspersky Mobile Security(KMS) 9 English Version ( 300 days and above, 1User 1SmartPhone ) 

Protecting your phone against theft and loss

If your smartphone is lost or stolen, Kaspersky Mobile Security helps to protect your information and find your phone’s location.
Device Lock – deny access to your missing phone
Data Wipe – remove sensitive information from your missing phone Improved!
Locate – find the location of your missing phone Improved!
SIM Watch – contact your phone, even if the SIM card has been replaced
Device Admin – prevent unauthorised uninstallation of Kaspersky Mobile Security New!

Protecting your phone against Internet threats New!
Whenever you use your Android smartphone to access the Internet, Kaspersky Mobile Security helps to keep you safe – byblocking dangerous and malicious links, including fraudulent or phishing websites that may try to steal your money or your identity.

Protecting you from unwanted calls and texts
Kaspersky Mobile Security helps to ensure you receive only the call and texts that you want to receive.

Protecting your privacy
Kaspersky Mobile Security lets you control what other people can see and what they can access if they pick up your phone.

Anti-Theft Protection
Device Lock
By sending an SMS to your missing phone, you can remotely block it – so no one can access your private information. You can also create your own custom message that will be displayed on your blocked phone’s screen – to help encourage the return of your lost device.
Data Wipe
If you're not sure that you're going to be able to recover your missing smartphone, you can select from options that can remotely wipe your personal information from your phone.
- Wipe personal information – deletes call history, SMSs, contacts and calendar events.
- Wipe data in folders – deletes all your personal data in any folders you created.
- Device reset – is a new feature that deletes all information and returns your phone to its factory settings.

The newly improved ‘Find’ function provides the approximate location of your phone – using GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi connections and a Google Map link that shows your phone's location.

SIM Watch
If your missing phone’s SIM card is replaced, SIM Watch will report the new phone number to you – and enable you to block your phone, wipe data from it or find your phone’s location.
Device Admin
This new feature helps to ensure that third-party apps or other users cannot uninstall the Kaspersky Mobile Security application.

Web Protection
Smartphones are being used to access the Internet more regularly – and that can introduce security risks. When you’re online using your smartphone, Kaspersky Mobile Security helps to safeguard your identity by blocking dangerous and fraudulent links – including phishing and malicious websites that are designed to steal personal information or compromise the security of shopping or banking transactions.

Call & SMS Filtering
Call & SMS Filtering helps you to avoid unwanted calls and texts – by letting you:

Manually or automatically add numbers to your own Whitelist or Blacklist
Automatically block calls & SMS texts from hidden and non-numeric numbers
Select a filtering profile – ‘only SMSs’ or ‘only calls’ or ‘SMSs & calls’

Privacy Protection
Privacy Protection makes it easy for you to control what others see – and cannot see – when they pick up your phone. It’s easy to hide your private mobile communications from others – and you can activate the Privacy Protection mode manually, automatically or remotely.

Kaspersky Mobile Security runs on smartphones with:
an Internet connection
one of the following Operating Systems:
Android: 1.6-2.3, 4.0, BlackBerry: 4.5-6.0, Symbian (Nokia): 9.x series 60, Symbian ^3, Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle and Windows Mobile: 5.0-6.5
Check compatible with your smartphone operation system::

100% Official Authorization, 100% Genuine, 100% Secure, Great Value, still hesitate?! Grab It Now!
Our Product are all legitimate products from formal channel, 100% can be activate

Validity Period 300 days and above
Sample of activation code: JKGD5-2DE96-SE9H8-S**R1

Trading Procedure:
1. Go to Kaspersky official website to download latest installer:
2. Buyer make payment, screenshot your payment details and send to, seller email Genuine Activation Key to buyer within 24 hours.
3. Insert activation code while installing the software
4. After activation, validity period could be check on the software.
5. After installation success, please give some good reputation to us.
*Note: Before installation, check your smartphone system date. Your smartphone system date must be synchronize as correct date, otherwise activation will be fail.
**Special Note: 1 activation code only can be used on a smartphone, otherwise activation code will be blocked.

If could not be installed or not properly activate, there are 3 possibility:
1. Smartphone system date is incorrect, click window right corner date/time to correct it!
2. Existing kaspersky version too old, uninstall existing kaspersky, download the latest versoin and install it.
3. No internet connection, you must online to internet

1. This product is Kaspersky activation code, do not deliver actual item to you!
2. You purchasing product software licensing and authorized to activate kaspersky product.
3. Kaspersky english version with full features!

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 Installation Diagram:
1) Steps to enter activation code during installation:
  i) Open Kaspersky installation pack, click "Install"->"Open"->"Accept"!!

  ii) Insert your activation code here and click "Next"!


  iii) Insert "password" and email to prevent unauthorized access

2) Steps to enter activation code with existing Kaspersky software:
  i) Click "Additional > License > Extend license > Enter activation code", Insert your activation code here and click "Activate"!

Place Order Note: Please screenshot your payment details to

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