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Xunlei Super VIP 1PB Space,boost internet speed!!

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Xunlei Super VIP 1PB Space,boost internet speed!!

1 PB (1PB = 1024TB = 1048576GB)

Latest price (Updated: 2017-08-21):
Xunlei Platinum VIP = RM160 / Year
Xunlei Super VIP = RM200 / Year

Xunlei VIP

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Xunlei Super VIP 1PB Space, boost your streamyx unifi!
1 PB (1PB = 1024TB = 1048576GB)

Latest price (Updated: 2013-03-22):
Xunlei Normal VIP = RM65 / Year
Xunlei Platinum VIP = RM95 / Year
Xunlei Super VIP = RM160 / Year

A lot of friends ask our customer service: your annual fee membership will line drop? Others selling Thunder package for cheaper price, you selling so expensive? 
It is a very good question!

Others are not selling annual fee membership. Our shop are selling 100% original Xunlei VIP annual fee membership. Others Xunlei VIP: cannot check date; line drop everytime; 10 point growing value (not 15 point); Xunlei VIP icon did not light up; Offline Download is only 10GB (not 1PB = 1 million GB); High Speed Channel download is 10gb(won't increase 50GB); using handphone to topup; are absolutely not genuine xunlei VIP. 

Our Xunlei Shop: Can check date; 100% won't drop; 15 growing point; Xunlei VIP icon light up; Offline Download space is 1PB = 1 million GB; High Speed Channel download increase 50GB; offline mission download + 2! (According official website introduction)

After buy Xunlei Super VIP:
1. Annual fee member having 15 growing point per day, Offline Download space 1PB = 1 million GB
2. Light up member icon for “年”
3. Annual fee member having 6 simultaneous offline donwload mission
4. Normal VIP can extend their VIP membership
5. Xunlei official website can check date, can extend membership, 100% line wont drop
6. 9 days Mission retention period
7. High Speed Channel for 2TB (2000GB/month)
8. Super account having sub Super account. Sub Super account having same privilege as Main Super Account for example: High Speed Channel, Offline Download

★URL to change Xunlei password ★

What is Offline Download?
Offline Download is based on the powerful Thunder Cloud download technology to provide you with faster, more stable, more secure, hassle free downloading experience, you only need to submit the task link, Cloud will be get ready and provide high-speed download to your PC.

If following conditions are met, it is recommended to use the Offline Download:

To accelerate the download of unpopular resources
Offline Download help you to solve slowness of unpopular resources and long time opening PC for download problem

Stability to enhance the download speed
Common tasks using Offline Download speeds would be faster and more stable

Solve the network block, the network is limited
BT, eMule, or Thunder is limited, Offline Download can still download with high speed


Normal Xunlei VIP and Xunlei Platinum VIP
Below is the picture for Normal Xunlei VIP:

Below is the picture for Xunlei Platinum VIP:

**Xunlei Platinum VIP having much more High Speed Channel~

Place Order Note: Please write down your Xunlei Username and password at "Order Comment" and screenshot your payment details to

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